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January 13, 2009

Off At a Gallop!

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The new year has brought a huge amount of activity for me. I built a new computer to do all my Windowsy things, transferred schools, and started classes. I also did some things in WoW, like started raiding 25-mans, started collecting Fury tier pieces on my warrior, and started a priest. I love new beginnings.

I have a sense that I’m loading up with more than I can handle, but if worse come to worst I’ll just drop my priest and quit transferring schools. That should cut down on my workload by at least half.

In news related to this blog, there are a few changes that have been discussed about druids and warriors. I’ll start with the warrior ones.

Titan’s Grip is getting the 5% hit penalty removed. Obviously, this is a buff. Of about 5% damage. w00t.

Deep Wounds is being discussed by Blizzard for a possible nerf. Personally, I think this is a good thing. When I give up talents in prot to dip into Deep Wounds because it means that I’m doing 1300 dps instead of 1100, something is a little off. Also, it’s being reported that some dps warriors are accounting for anywhere between 20% and 50% of their damage from Deep Wounds ticks. Obviously this depends on how much crit you have, but 50% damage from a couple talent points seems a little excessive. Assuming a single-roll combat system, this means that crit is more valuable than hit, too. I really like the mechanic and hope that it stays. But it needs to be reined in somehow so that the variance isn’t quite so much as 30% of total damage. Arms warriors would be buffed if Deep Wounds is indeed nerfed, probably something fairly deep like Mortal Strike or lower in the tree.

Druid changes!

Wild Growth is getting a six second cooldown. I can appreciate that in 25-mans and even some cases in 10-mans this is a nerf. But it’s not really something horrible. Druid healers still have all the tools in enough quantity to heal through anything. Priest’s Circle of Healing trivialized a lot of encounters simly because of the massive throughput they could attain. Wild Growth was a close second. A Shaman’s Chain Heal was a distant third.

Nourish will benefit from having Wild Growth on the target. This is definitely a buff, but I think a very small one, contrary to what other druids say. The boost to the T7 4-piece will be nice, but the likelyhood of having all 4 HoTs on a target at once for the full 20% extra healing (on top of the natural boost that Nourish receives from having any of them up) is slim, unless it counts other druid’s HoTs as well as your own. In that case, I can see a raid having a HoTer and a Nourisher, since the synnergy is almost too good to pass up. Numbers would have to be crunched, of course. But I think there’s something good there.

Also in-game, but not related to warriors or druids, mining is getting a change. Now, instead of having to pick away at a mineral node 2-8 times, you’ll only have to hit it once. I like this change, because as “real” as the current system is, it lends itself to having your mineral ninja’d by someone with lower latency. So I’m willing to give up that little bit of flavor in favor of convenience.

I mentioned having a priest, but he’s only 17 at the moment. I’m sure he’ll level quickly because of the shoulders I was able to grab from turning in Stone Keeper’s Shards, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never raid with him. I think I just like the idea of the healing versitality they offer, what with two healing specs and all. Of course, he’s a dwarf. I think that dwarves are the single most awesome race in WoW, if only for their jokes and emotes. One of their racial bonuses should be drunkeness resistance.

But I digress. Priests are fun, but only once you get to the point where you have some tools to work with. The first ten levels made me question whether I wanted this character every step of the way. As I get higher, it makes me wonder how people got to high levels to begin with. Cloth wearing classes are so hard to keep alive. 😛

That wraps up the first of many (hopefully) posts to come. You should see me more often now that things have started settling into some semblance of routine.


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