The Infamous Noob

January 25, 2009

The Profession Dilema

Filed under: World of Warcraft — infamousnoob @ 11:17 am

My priest hit 31 last night. This got me thinking about his professions, and what I need among my characters still. For the moment he’s a tailor/herbalist, but I think I’ll need a scribe at some point, so one of those might be going the way of the buffalo soon. I just haven’t figured out which. I’ll research the professions this week and figure out if I can support inscription/tailoring without a level 80 herbalist.

I think it’s odd how I gravitate towards having three max level characters, even if I don’t play them all regularly. My shaman has definitely fallen off the “favored” list, if there is such a thing, and my priest has quickly filled that spot. I don’t think that my warrior or druid will ever slip off that list. My warrior because it’s really hard to break a “basic” class like that, so he’ll pretty much always be a good tank (and possibly dps), and my druid because he’s my achievement character. As odd as that sounds, I really enjoy having a lot of achievements on him, and I like that I’ve been so many places and done so many things with him.

At any rate, I’m off to Naxx. Profession discussion to come!


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