The Infamous Noob

February 2, 2009

Priestly Professions

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I decided to keep tailoring and herbalism for now on my priest. I looked at all the possible things I could gain from the different professions, and honestly, I don’t think it matters what you choose anymore. The BoP perks of the professions are fairly lackluster compared to the BoE things that they produce. I settled on tailoring and herbalism because I like the cloak enchants (or threads, I guess they would be) of tailoring. They’re a significant amount better than Wisdom from enchanting for a healer, since the mana return one seems to have the potential to make or break a fight, where “slight” threat reduction should never be the issue. I like herbalism for leveling. It gives me something to collect while I’m out and about questing, and it provides an emergency self-HoT that makes soloing a lot easier.

I had considered picking up inscription, but the shoulder enchants aren’t enough of a pull since I’m going to have to grind reputation with the Sons of Hodir anyway. Enchanting was a very strong candidate, but since I already have an enchanter I really don’t have any desire to level it up again. The ring enchants are very good, since they are the only way to upgrade that slot, and it’s something I’ll consider once I hit 80.

As a side note, I think that alchemy is a very, very profitable profession right now. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but people are willing to pay top. . . gold?. . . to have max buffs in raids. Just something else to consider.


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