The Infamous Noob

June 1, 2010

Lower-Middle Class

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Following my call on FaceBook for ideas of class identities, I figured I should have some sort of example of what I’m looking for. What I’ve come up with so far is just what I think dwarves should be — especially in an RPG-type setting. So here they are:


Earthmover – Defensive support

– Can cause a “Bottleneck” combat state anywhere

Sword Shooter – Ranged combat

– Can use Bows and Ballistas

Short (Ha!, pun) Swordsdwarf – Melee combat

– Can use one-handed swords

Broad (Ha! Again!) Swordsdwarf – Melee combat

– Can use two-handed swords

Brewmaster – Healer

– Carries a mobile still for on-the-go booze

The attempt here is to weave in the silliness that dwarves inherently have with the mechanics of the game.  Once I’m done, there shouldn’t be any part of the game that doesn’t make the player smile at least a little (or groan. . . whatever). The abilities and specific details can be worked out and balanced as the game comes together. The important part is to have all the pieces in concept form and then put them together in the best way, rather than have completely developed ideas that don’t really fit together well.


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