The Infamous Noob

April 6, 2009

The Ultimate in Customization

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Today, I spent some time looking at the game Little Big Planet. I love the idea behind this game. User-created content really makes it easy for game developers to sit back and enjoy watching other people enjoying their game. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the controls and look “under the hood,” but I’m pretty confident that I’ll enjoy it.

I think the thing that makes me like it so much is that unlike Löve, I don’t have to know a programing language in order to take advantage of this system’s level development package. Also, it harkens back to the days of 2D scrollers, which anyone my age has a soft spot in their heart for. I’ll reserve my final judgement until I get my grubby mitts on a copy and make a few levels and such myself, but I think this is a good jumping-off point for further studies in game “balance” for me – if there is such a thing.


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