The Infamous Noob

March 28, 2009

Slouching Toward Pay-as-You-Go

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I’ve been absent a long while, but that’s mostly because there isn’t anything exciting going on in WoW. So I’ve been listless. But never fear! I came across a couple blogs in the last few days talking about OnLive.

This makes me wonder about the future of the American lifestyle. I briefly had images flash through my imagination of a world where when you get a job, part of the benefits package is a gaming subscription – right next to the dental and medical.

The only reason this occurred to me is that it seems like everything is slowly (or not quite so slowly in some cases) lumbering its way towards being a subscription. Internet, phone, TV, insurance, and now games. Even in the case of things that you buy, we turn them into subscriptions via leases on cars and mortgages on houses. The only things we don’t have subscriptions to yet are food and clothes, but those are mostly because they’re consumed in the process I think.

If only I could find a way to sign people up for a food subscription. . . .


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